(We see a blue curtain background inside)

(The audience claps and kids cheering "Yeah!")

(The blue curtain opens)

Eric Bui: Welcome to the Eric 1-5 preview! The final episode of Eric 1-5! We just think we aired from December 2000 to May 2012. Here we goes!

(previews the episodes of 2000)

(switches to 2001)

(switches to 2002)

(switches to 2003)

(switches to 2004)

(switches to 2005)

(switches to 2006)

(switches to 2007)

(switches to 2008)

(switches to 2009)

(switches to 2010)

(switches to 2011)

(switches to 2012)

(switch back to normal)

Eric Bui: Good! We have a opening!

(opening theme)

Eric Bui: Finally, were in Eric School Pants!

Cindy Nguyen: I know!

Camera Person: Action!

Eric Bui: Where are the Eric Friends?

Cindy Nguyen: I know, my brother does not like fanon!

Eric Bui: Oh well! Let's go to the Fake Earth and let's go to Minecraft Street!

Cindy Nguyen: Yes.

Eric Bui: Now let's go!

(both students scream "ahh!" then fell into Fake Earth)

Jian Jie Ooi and other Students: No! I want to go!

(all students fell too)

Eric Bui: What! It's a Fake Earth! Let's say hello to Eric 5!

Eric 5: Hello!

Eric Bui: Wait!

Camera Person: Cut!

Eric Bui: Oh thank you for the end of the pliot! The first episode is Birth to 11 years old! Bye! See you on the first episode!

(The blue curtain closes. The audience claps like Blue's Clues.)

(ending theme)

Eric Bui: Next time on Eric School Pants!

(previews Birth to 11 years old)

Eric Bui: Let's find out! Will...

Person: No, will Eric go to Anthony's party or he will be fired?

Eric Bui: Let's find out and see. Bye!