The 2nd movie.


Long, long time ago, the sharks are going to trap the Eric Bui Island, by now, the snakes are there but Eric Bui hunts the snakes but they are gone to Australia and tell Eric Bui what to do. Then the sharks are going to trap this island.

Eric Bui has his dreams and wakes up for breakfast. Then he met Cindy Nguyen then he met Eric 5 and grads new weapons. Eric Bui use his sword, Ericka use his gun, Ericki use his hammer, Ericko use his whip, Ericon use his bow and Cindy use her staff. They met Jian Jie Ooi and Van Dinh that they would join but now Jian Jie use his spear and Van use his destroyer. They find out that the 2nd evil boys died out because of them then turns into a 3rd version and gets elf ears.

Eric Bui finds a new place called Eric Bui World where the Eric Buis live in and met his new friends named Ericfu, Ericack, Ericmy, Ericla, Ericmo and Ericturtle. They use random weapons and fights off the 3rd evil boys.