Eric School Pants Movie


The movie.


Eric was eating a hamburger but he meets his new friends but until Kevin turns into a 2nd version. Eric, Eric 5 and Cindy was walking down the street then get home but they fell into cave two times. Then we find the exit and meet the goth girls then they ran home but the monsters came and then we went to the Kursty Lia 2 to eat something then they say hello to people but they go to walk down the street until the two evil boys attack them and ran home.

Eric, Eric 5 and Cindy, after a while, they fell into caves again then they see enemies attack us then finding Van to walk together but they attacked Eric to the hospital when he feels better, he gets back home then we play the music so Eric acts as a drum but Eric is missing so Eric 5, Cindy and Van finds Jian Jie but gone away.

After she founds Eric, she is ready to fight the zombies. Eric throws water balloons to zombies then attacks them, after a fight, they walked down the street until there were 2nd Evil Boys then ran away. We have gone to the movies and watch some Eric School Pants episodes then jumps into the video then changes to The Muppets then change it back.

We visit some houses then we go back to the movies and drink water then jumps into the video again but it has dirty things. When we gone on the right the zombies came and gone into the hole to the underground because it is dark. They found the exit and go into the pool to find the deep pool then gets home before the dogs came and Eric got bited by dogs. Then it fixed Eric and sleeps at night. When they are awake, they eat breakfast but the baddies appear and get back into the house.

They fight the 2nd Evil Boys until the dark appears and kills animals, then defeats them turn un-darked. He got married with his new girlfriend then runs into the group of people then Eric says "Goodbye!".


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