Eric Bui: Last time on Eric School Pants.

(showing the Pliot episode)

Eric Bui: Right, this is Eric School Pants! Let's action already!

Camera Person: Action!

(opening theme)

Voice: Eric is coming a birth!

Voice 2: No, he was have a birthday growing to 11.

Voice: Yeah! That's right!

(Eric Bui sleeping then wakes up)

Eric Bui: Ah! Today, my parents is going to meet new friends are Ericka, Ericki, Ericko and Ericon.

Eric Bui's Mum: Right, we are going to meet new friends. Right?

Eric Bui: Yes.

Eric Bui's Dad: Now eat breakfast first!

Eric Bui: OK!

(eating breakfast)

Eric Bui: I am finish!

Eric Bui's Mum: Now let's go!

(goes for a walk to meet new friends)

Ericka: My name is Ericka and my friends are Ericki, Ericko and Ericon.

Ericki: This is me.

Ericko: Me has one eye but not two.

Ericon: I got no nose and I can't see my nose!

Eric Bui: OK! Now let's go to school. Right?

Eric Bui's Parents: Bye!

(going to school)

Eric Bui: No Cindy Nguyen, no Jian Jie Ooi? No one was there! Now let's go home!

(going to Eric Bui's House)

Eric Bui: Where home!

Eric 5: Wow!

Eric Bui: OK, let's play games called the board game.

Eric 5: OK!

(playing board game and Eric Bui wins)

Eric Bui: Yay! I won the board game!

Ericka: OK, if you win, it's doesn't matter.

Eric 5: OK!

(old bell rings)

Voice: You are going to Anthony Field's birthday party. Remember, if you don't come, I will fire you.

Eric Bui: OK! I will!

(walks down to the taxi then meets the Wiggles)

The Wiggles: Hi! Were the Wiggles!

Greg Page: I'm Greg!

Murray Cook: I'm Murray!

Jeff Fatt: I'm Jeff!

Anthony Field: And I'm Anthony! We are going to my birthday today! Ready? 1, 2, 3.

(everyone sang Happy Birthday then say "Hip hip, hooray!" then Anthony Field blows the candles)

Everyone: Yay! Let's eat cake!

Anthony Field: Sorry, you have to ask to do so.

The Wiggles: Yes, your right!

(eats cake)

Eric Bui: Yay! Let's go home!

Anthony Field: But you have to wait for 5 minutes.

Greg Page: Now let's get ready to wiggle!

(The Wiggles sings Get Ready to Wiggle)

Eric Bui: Now let's go guys!

Eric 5: Yay!

(go to taxi to get home)

Eric Bui: Goodbye for now!

Camera Person: Cut!

(camera breaks)

Camera Person: I said cut already!!!

Eric Bui: I can do it!

Camera Person: Cut!

(ending theme)

Eric Bui: Next time on Eric School Pants!

(showing the School Cross Country Carvival video)

Eric Bui: Now let's say hello to Cindy Nguyen!

Cindy Nguyen: Hello!

Eric Bui: Now Eric 5, we have to go and say goodbye!

Everyone: Goodbye!

(Jian Jie Ooi and Van Dinh fights with food then runs away)

(the TV Commercial appears)

Eric Bui: Eric School Pants! The show along with the Eric 5!

Eric 5: Find new friends, having fun and more!

Eric Bui: Eric School Pants! Coming soon on DVD! Coming during the Season 1 finishes!

(the TV Commercial ends)